Screen Printing Melbourne

Screen Printing Melbourne, best Workwear, custom t-shirts and apparel is available right here.

We operate a fully equipped screen printing shop with 2 Automatic and one Manual printing press. Since moving into a larger facility in 2020 Screen printing is fast becoming a large part of our business. It has allowed us to expand our opperations to produce high volume, bulk run garments, tshirts or work wear at a cheaper rate than would be available with (DTG) direct to garment, manual printing or vinyl transfers. Don't forget to check out our machines operating in the video's below.

Custom screen printed bags, shirts, jackets, hoodies and "yes we can even print sleeves" are all are possible, contact us for a quote. Not sure if your graphics are suitable for screen prints. Contact us and we will be able to assist you, or most importantly advise you on your best printing options we cater to DTG, heat pressed Vinyl and Screen printing and coming very soon Dye Sublimation to complement our services.

We are able to supply quality garments from CBCLOTHING, ASCOLOUR, JBSWEAR, SYZMIK, RAMO and Gildan which allows our customers a wide variety of choice when selecting garments for print.


Shipping for all orders to Melbourne and Australia wide available.

Due to setup required for screen printing minimum quantities apply contact us and we will advise on the best method to achieve your results and turnaround times possible if you are on a tight deadline.

Screen Printing Melbourne based with country wide delivery available, place your order today!


    Screen Printing Services in Melbourne

    Are you looking for richly coloured, vibrant looking, “stop you dead in the track for a second look” type of apparel? Then you’ve come at the right place!

    Did you know that one of the best ways to get that beautiful pop of colour on any garment is by using the old and classic printing technique of screen printing, and Sunbury Printing has some of the best experts when it comes to screen printing Melbourne.

    Now you may be wondering what exactly is screen printing? And what is so magical about it.

    Well, let us enlighten you!

    Screen printing is a tried and tested method of printing unique designs on garments by creating stencils and layering different coloured ink on the print screen for the end result. Screen printing in Melbourne is a cost effective and efficient way of printing apparel, T-shirts for your employees, or other fabric for different events.

    One of the best features about screen printing is how vivid and bright the ink appears on garments as compared to digital printing which can fade over time. However, Sunbury printing ensures that you get an end result through screen printing in Melbourne which lasts for years to come.

    At Sunbury printing we not only have the capability and expertise nailed down when it comes to effective and seamless screen printing, but we also have the capacity to churn out bulk orders for customers. Whether you are a retailer, a custom fashion design house or a company that needs screen printing done for their business on different work wear we can do it all.

    As an old printing method that is still being used so many decades later, Sunbury Printing has got all the basics down when it comes to providing exception screen printing in Melbourne. We understand all the intricacies that are involved in nailing the right stencil and finding the best ink that won’t bleed fabric.

    Sunbury printing only uses the best raw material available in the market to ensure that our clients are left with a product that exceed their expectations. screen printing in Melbourne has never been so affordable and so efficient, and therefore, when it comes to creating customised work wear, T-shirts, or different apparel with screen printing, Sunbury printing is the team for the job.

    Sunbury Printing has market competitive prices when it comes to screen printing in Melbourne. And we deliver all over Australia as well. So whether you are in Sydney, Byron Bay or anywhere else, Sunbury printing delivers high quality screen printed products that will catch the eyes of your customers and passersby.

    Now you know where to go when you need screen printing in Melbourne done for your business, the only question left to answer is when are you going to place an order?

    Contact Sunbury printing today so that we can get started on your screen printing order and provide you an end result that will exceed your expectations. For more information, check out our website or email us for a tentative price quote.


    Screen printing is one of the traditional methods of printing designs and artwork on garments that involves creating a stencil and transferring layers of ink on the printing surface.

    With screen printing you get to achieve a high level of colour vibrancy and payoff on T-shirts of different colours.

    If you are looking for customised T-shirt printing in Melbourne, then screen printing allows for a very bold and vivid printing as the ink applied is thicker as compared to DTG T-shirt printing.

    As you can see from the above explanations of both screen printing and DTG T-shirt printing, both provide good colour payoff for different garment colours, and the cost varies from one printing method to another.

    Regardless, when working with Sunbury Printing for T-shirt printing in Melbourne, we ensure you get the best rates that is both affordable and market competitive. Sunbury Printing also has a credible track record of delivering orders not only on time but with the finest execution as well.

    We also ensure that our products and printing services are executed with state of the art tools and equipment that allow us to deliver high quality goods to our customers.

    For this matter, Sunbury Printing uses one of the best direct to garment printer for DTG T Shirt printing and has a team of skillful employees for screen printing as well.

    You can’t go wrong when it comes to working with Sunbury Printing for T-shirt printing in Melbourne. Whether you need customised T-shirt printing in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, we deliver all over and down under.

    All our Aussie clients can avail the opportunity of working with Sunbury printing for DTG T-shirt printing or screen printing, and no matter how large or small your order is we will get it done and delivered to your doorstep.

    For more information about T-shirt printing in Melbourne, specifically for customised T-shirt printing in Melbourne, you can contact us for any queries or information.

    Similarly, if you need help with the design of your T-shirt or deciding which material or colour scheme will work best for your requirements, Sunbury Printing is here to help.

    We will walk you through each step and provide the necessary consultation so you are left with a great customer experience and customised T-shirt that you will cherish.

    With Sunbury printing you get the right printing services done on time and with the best quality.